New Edited Photos Added

I have a few more images uploaded from the work I did on cleaning up facility images.  The photos for this sort of project came in after they were purchased, but needed to have the image cleaned up and the walls painted white so that different design options could be presented representing the look of the finished product.  Some of the images for this sort of project required minimal cleanup, but some required a major overhaul.  Take a look on my Photo Editing page!

New Images Posted

I’ve added a couple of new images today, one showing some photo editing and restoration of a picture of me and my grandfather taken back in 1977.

The other image I put up falls into the graphic design category.  I was asked to build some elements with a look similar to the classic Warner Bros. “Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner” cartoons for a project.

ACME Stuff_With Cliffs-01

Galleries Are Being Added

Galleries are being constructed and images are being added.  I’m still fumbling though some of the menus as I learn how to put a new website together, but I’m making progress faster than I expected.

I hope to have the option to add comments soon, so stay tuned… I’d appreciate the feedback.




Site Redesign in Progress

Under_ConstructionAfter years of tearing apart templates and trying to learn enough code to build my own sites, I’m finally moving over to a WordPress format that I should be able to keep up to date more easily.  I still have a lot to learn about how to use a WordPress site, but it beats figuring out code and lets me spend time with the artwork.  My time is still at a premium, but I hope to have some updated sample images up and running soon!